Young Nudy Talks Slaughter Gang, Tours, Pi’erre Bourne and Jaw Sessions With Hot 95 Radio

​​Rising Atlanta rapper Young Nudy arrived at Hot 95 radio wearing a camouflage Fendi shirt, bedazzled “21” and “PDE” necklaces, and an entourage when he made one thing clear: “When you think of Zone 6 you need to think about Young Nudy.”   Young Nudy, soon after enjoying a few wings from the Bay Street Bar and Grill below the station and a smoke break, sat down with Arielle St. Aidan, Yuall The Plugg and DJ HIRIHANNA on Plugg Talk Radio Show on Hot 95 Radio while in Jacksonville, Florida…

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Sessions Calls Notion He Colluded With Russia ‘Detestable Lie’ [REUTERS]

WASHINGTON (REUTERS)– U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday denounced as “an appalling and detestable lie” the idea he colluded with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign but refused to answer a series of questions during a high-stakes Senate hearing.  Sessions, a senior member of Republican President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and an adviser to his presidential campaign, faced criticism from Democratic senators for declining to answer their questions relating to conversations he had with Trump.   Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich accused Sessions of violating his vow to tell the…

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World News 

Ethiopia’s Emergency Aid Is Running Out

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Ethiopia is in danger of running out of emergency food relief next month as drought victims has peaked at 7.8 million victims. The aid, provided by United Nations’ World Food Program only provided the East African country with aid to cover 1.7 million people. The Ethiopian government is supposed to match the aid for the remaining 6.1 million in private donations and public government assistance. According to the Associated Press, Ethiopia’s commissioner for disaster risk management Mitiku Kassa said, “We expect the donor community to step in to fill…

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Puerto Rico Wants To Be The 51st State

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Puerto Rico is urging lawmakers on Capitol Hill to grant the Spanish-speaking island statehood into the United States. The US Commonwealth held a state-wide referendum, voting in favor of being the 51st state of America.  However, many are questioning the validity of the non-binding referendum held Sunday. Although 97 percent voted in favor of joining the US, only a quarter of Puerto Ricans voted. The low turnout is reportedly from opposing political parties who boycotted the vote.   Puerto Rico’s economy has been struggling with footing it’s $120…

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Law and Order politics 

Report Suggests Russia Hackers Breached Voting Software Firm [ASSOCIATED PRESS]

A classified NSA report leaked late Monday hinting Russia did indeed tamper with the 2016 US Presidential election. So what happens next? Will impeachment proceedings begin for Trump?

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Tech News 

Apple is Competing with Google, Amazon and Venmo With New Releases

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Apple launched its three-day conference with revealing a new smart speaker, iMac, partnership with Amazon and peer-to-peer payment service. The tech company are looking to take on its rivals Google and Amazon with a smart home speaker, the HomePod. With its striking resemblance to the top of a microphone, the HomePod is 7-inches-high and has 6 microphones that are ready for its owner’s command also known as “Hey Siri’. It can be paired with other Apple devices to play existing iTunes and Apple Music library and Podcasts. The HomePod…

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Will the U.S. Government Go Into Default? 

The Trump Administration’s proposed $4.1 trillion budget has lawmakers scrambling to raise the debt ceiling with major cuts to discretionary funding. Will the United States go into default for the first time ever?

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Serena Williams Joins SurveyMonkey Board [FORTUNE]

Congrats to tennis star Serena Williams for becoming one of tech company SurveyMonkey’s board members. New position, new fiancee and new baby on the way! Via FORTUNE: Tennis superstar Serena Williams is making her first foray into the technology world by joining the board of online survey giant SurveyMonkey, the company announced on Wednesday. While it may seem like an odd pairing, the match was made through Facebook chief operating officer and SurveyMonkey board member Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg and her late husband, Dave Goldberg, SurveyMonkey’s former CEO, were longtime friends…

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Over 55,000 Haitians in Danger of Facing Deportation From US

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-May 4, 2017- The deadline to extend the Temporary Protected Status program, or a program temporalily granting refugees asylum from their home country, is in a few weeks. It’s up to the Trump administration to extend it. Over 55,000 refugees from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti face possible deportation when the TPS expires July 22. TPS, created in 1990, offers temporary immigration in the United States under the following circumstances: Ongoing armed conflict (such as civil war) An environmental disaster (such as earthquake or hurricane), or an epidemic Other…

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