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Saint CassiereSaint Cassiere, 9lbs. 8oz.

Due to pregnancy and increasing demands of other obligations in my life, Monkey Man Media was placed on pause until further notice. The hiatus was lengthy, however appreciated.

I gave birth in January to my second son, Saint Cassiere (Cuh-SEER). Labor was “different” to say the least. At 41 weeks and 5 days, and failed induction after 36 hours, it ended in emergency C-section. My body never could engage in active labor. The Pitocin was not strong enough. A Foley catheter was used to progress dilation, and after I finally reached 7 cm., my water broke. Shortly after, the emergency C-section was performed due to cord prolapse. This kid did not want to come and my body was exhausted. At 9lbs., 8 oz., my little Sainty-toes was well worth the wait (and unbearable pain of major abdominal surgery).

Recovering from a C-section was, surprisingly short, yet extremely painful. I have never been in such pain thus far in life. It makes me appreciate simple things people often do not think to be thankful for, such as walking. Not being able to walk and soon needing help to take steps from someone else is all a battle within itself. Laughing is another attribute. It did not occur to me how powerful the diaphragm is to the body until it was split open. Not being able to laugh, to cough, or even talk loudly has humbled me to appreciate the things I do not think about. It has also motivated me to take better care of my body.

Now, Ive revamped and we are back to business! Beginning with this new website! For some reason, my old domain is inaccessible, so now was a great time to scrap it and start fresh.

For those who waited patiently for my return, thank you. It was well worth the wait. I am here to be of service to you all around the clock. For any inquiries, please click on my contact info page!


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