Happy 2 months, Saint Cassiere!

Today my baby boy turned a whopping TWO MONTHS OLD! Ahhhh! You’re growing up too fast, Mr.Mcgreedy!

We journeyed to the doctor’s office for his two-month-old checkup today. Man, I am beyond blessed and thankful to have such healthy children.

Saint is now…

  • 14 ½ lbs. (off the charts for his age!)
  • 23 1/4 inches tall (98th percentile)
  • Rolling over (and attempting to “scoot”)
  • Holding his head unassisted

He also got his first round of shots today. His scream made me want to cry. I’m sorry son!

I would like to thank God, breast milk and big brother Aidan for the accomplishments. My kids are awesome!

As for myself, my post-partum turnaround has been great!

P.S- I have multiple nicknames for both of my children. As a matter of fact, I think my oldest son, Aidan (age 2) thinks his name is “Monkey Man”. So far, Saint has acquired a few of his own:

  • Mr. McGreedy
  • Sainty-Toes
  • Fatboy
  • Juiceman
  • …plus more to be added!

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