Long Live the Queen: Happy Birthday Cheryl D. Butler

 img_2751April 3rd, 1959 a true legend was born. The world was introduced to a woman who would become the best mother, daughter, sister, aunt  and friend.

She passed away almost two years ago in June. I, like many others, am still shocked and in disbelief.

Her legacy will live on for many years to come. She left behind 4 children: Tiffany, Terrell (Mikeita), Alex and Arielle. She now has 9 grandchildren, 8 boys and 1 girl.

She always wanted us to take a family portrait to show how large her family was. Her vision was everyone in white shirts, denim and no shoes. Well mom, I know it was a long time coming, but we finally did it for you.

It has not been easy living without her. Many times I feel so lost and misguided without her physically telling me what I should do. However, I, and my siblings, always make the right decisions because of the foundation she taught us. She taught me how to be the best woman I could. And Mom, I thank you.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Fla., she graduated from Jean Ribault HS class of 1977.

She went on to FAMU in the late ’70s. My mom shared with me some of the best memories of her life when she was in college. “Tight Squeeze” was her nickname back then. Why? I don’t know!

My mom was everyone’s aunt, friend and partner-in-crime. She was loved by many and still is.

To my mom, I just want to say I love you, I miss you dearly and thank you for everything. I would trade anything in the world just to lay across your bed again and laugh about different things, or ride around the city with you, even when you used to hold me hostage at thrift stores all day!

The legacy of Cheryl Butler will always stay alive through her children the Butler name will never die.

-Terrell Butler

A true mother to me after I lost my biological mother, one who never took sides and kept a balance between everyone. Whenever I was down about anything, she knew the words to say to encourage and lift my spirits. My number one motivation for going to nursing school; a true mother, grandmother and mother in law.. Truly missed.

-Mikeita Butler

In loving memory of my queen and role model. No one will ever take your place. You were one of a kind and had the biggest heart. You were strong, loving and made me who I am today, Thank you for helping me raise my boys and keeping me on track. I love you momma. Rest in peace, your legacy is living on and representing you gracefully. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

-Tiffany Butler

About Cheryl Butler….you’ll miss her ONLY if you KNEW her…I do!!!

-Mildred Ellison

 My quote is something we always talked about:Always praise the LORD no matter what you have or don’t have its GOD decision.praise him!!!

-Priscilla Campbell

To my dearest friend, Ms Cheryl Butler. There in not a week that goes by seeing your pretty smile. I miss my friend soooo very much.

-Deborah Milton

My friend, my sister Cheryl Butler had some powerful words to live by, that I will always keep in my minds eye till I see her again. When confronted with economic challenges she’d always find a way around financial strife and say “God’s got my back… He won’t see the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread. I trust God and shall not live beneath my privileges”. She’d walk into a room full of people and gain everyone’s attention. It was just her way to be heard and dressed fashionably noticeable. Then she’d acknowledge God making sure everyone knew she wasn’t ashamed to own God. Cheryl never turned down anyone a plate of food and her cup always ran over. Tears fill my eyes when I hear our favorite song we sang at work together and on the phone or whenever I’d visit her…Come On In The Room… Come on in the room … Jesus is my doctor and he write out all my scriptions …give me all my medicine in the room. Bless her Soul.

-Royce Badger

Ms. Cheryl Butler was a Beautiful person with a kind and loving spirit . Always a smile. She kept me laughing when we were together. She will forever live in the hearts of all who love her.

-Angela Lott

I truly miss you. No one in the family can cook or make up for you not being here. Love you sister Cynthia.

-Ray Cherry

 To my Sister, your memories continue to live within your my nieces and nephews and I love you for that. Your sister Marva

-Marva Marshall

To my sister Cheryl Butler: I never had the chance to say goodbye to you before you took your last breath. But our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus made it where you came to me in many dreams to talk with and to let me know that the relationship we have is beyond this world. It’s our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus who brought us together through the good and the bad when you were on this earth. I remembered the year when you transitioned, you were worried about not being good enough for the Lord and not being forgiven. What was so amazing, in one of my dreams , you were wearing your crown and you where so beautiful and untouchable. So there you go. You are worthy and got your crown. I realize we live forever in christ and until we meet again, I love you my sister, Cheryl Butler.

-Evette Harris-Graham

To an Aunt who never died because she left me the greatest memories!

-Tramaine Butler

 Cheryl you will always be in my heart. I think of Arielle as a god daughter which she is doing great. Including your handsome grands. I will cherish your kindness towards me and my daughter. We are Trojans for life.

-Shirley Lambert

My Birthday Buddy I will be thinking of you tomorrow as we share our birthday. Happy Birthday

-Alisha Whitehurst

Happy birthday My best friend forever, my love is forever and I will miss you forever🙏REST N PEACE WITH ALL MY LOVE🙏

-Verna Nairn

Mom, I promise to strive to be the best “me” I can be. I will always take care of myself and my sons as you did and live my life to the fullest. I can still hear you saying you’re proud of me and it will forever motivate me to be great!


Happy Birthday, Mom. You’ll be forever loved & missed!


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