President Barack Obama sat down for the first time since 2008 with “Fox News Sunday” to discuss his greatest accomplishment and worst mistake in his presidency. The show was taped from the University of Chicago Law School Friday morning, Where Obama was a law professor.

The commander-in-chief let the world know his greatest mistake: not planning for the day after toppling Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi. While talking with anchor Chris Wallace, Obama outlined where his administration went wrong in the intervention of Libya.

“Probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya,”

President Barack Obama to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” show.

Obama regrets not doing more for the country during it’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. The country today is considered a failed state. However, in 2011, Obama felt the intervention to conquer Gaddafi was necessary to prevent the corrupt people from terrorizing his own people.

When asked what was his greatest accomplishment, the president proudly responds “saving the economy from a great depression” which plagued the US in the late 2000’s.

The pair also discussed  presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. President Obama declared no influence over the investigation and insisted he did not believe Clinton breached national security. He also praised her tenure as Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

During his candid sit-down with Wallace, Obama addressed the conflict between the Obama administration and the GOP-controlled senate over supreme court nominee Merrick Garland. Many republican congressmen have publicly stated if forced to go through with confirmation hearings to fill late justice Antonin Scalia’s seat, they will not cooperate. Many are hopeful the next president should elect the ninth member of SCOTUS. However, US Appeals Judge Merrick Garland is considered moderate with bipartisan support. Obama thinks he is a great pick.

“I think that if they go through the process, they won’t have a rationale to defeat him,”

Obama to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday”


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