ACCESS DENIED: House Will Not Vote to Remove Harriet Tubman From $20 Bill

After an attempt by GOP lawmakers to amend a bill prohibiting the US currency to be changed, the House decided not to vote on the issue.

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) filed an amendment on behalf of the GOP to prevent the treasury department from changing the design on money in any way. However the Rules Committee shot down the audacious  attempt to prevent Tubman from being on the $20 bill in 2020.

Harriet Tubman will be the first Black person and first woman to ever be featured on US currency. She will be replacing 7th President of the United States and American businessman Andrew Jackson, whose wealth was contributed by slavery in the 1800s.

In a house meeting last night, King stated his choice was not fueled by racism or sexism, but rather to keep things the way they are.

“It’s not about Harriet Tubman, it’s about keeping the picture on the $20,” King said Tuesday evening, pulling a $20 bill from his pocket and pointing at President Andrew Jackson. “Y’know? Why would you want to change that? I am a conservative, I like to keep what we have.”-Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa)

King is not alone in his stance of keeping money the way it is. Since the US Treasury announced the new designs of the $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills in April, other republicans came forth in opposition, including republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

According to Matthew Nussbaum, reporter for Politico, republican nominee Donald Trump said in April that the move was “pure political correctness” and recommended that an image of Tubman be placed on the $2 bill.

Other changes on currency is projected to feature more people of color and women, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Marian Anderson and Eleanor Roosevelt on the back of the $5 dollar bill; Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sojourner Truth on the back of the $10 dollar bill.
SOURCE: House GOP Dodges Vote to Block Harriet Tubman From$20 Bill


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