SCOTUS Rules Domestic Abusers Can Lose Gun Rights

It only takes a few seconds for a domestic incident can lead to a forefeit in a constitutional right: the right to bear arms.

In the wave of Supreme Court rulings over the last week, the highest court ruled 6-2 that convicted domestic violence abusers can be banned from buying and owning firearms.

The ruling even includes those convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors.

The original case, brought on by two residents of Maine, are two men who were convicted of domestic violence after simple battery/altercations with their lovers. After both men were found with firearms several years later,  William Armstrong and Steven Voisine took their cases to state court only to be rejected. Both men cited the cases were relative to reckless conduct than intentional battery.

The Supreme Court failed to overturn the appeal, citing a violation of federal law of a convicted domestic abuser to own firearms and/or ammunition, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony.

Justice Elena Kagan wrote the majority opinion, citing misdemeanor domestic assault is indeed sufficient enough to invoke a federal ban.

Justice Clarence Thomas and Justic Sonia Sotomayor dissented the decision. Justice Thomas, an avid second amendment defender, grilled the defense on how the misdemeanor conviction is enough to revoke a constitutional right, a first time in years Thomas participated in oral arguments.

SOURCE: Supreme Court Rules Domestic Abusers Can Lose Gun Ownership Rights


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