DNC Exposed Days Before Convention

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to stay away from email scandals lately. In the latest meltdown, Clinton along with the Democratic National Committee were exposed by Wikileaks for bias against democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The FBI have launched an investigation into the Wikileaks scandal.

The emails were released early last Friday morning and the DNC have been scrambling since. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is cited in many emails showing bias for Clinton against Sanders, even brainstorming on how to oust the Virginia senator from the race in the primaries. Schultz has since announced her resignation right before the DNC convention which kicks off today in Philadelphia.

Sanders had called for Schultz to step down before she announced her resignation. Her resignation will not be effective until the end of the convention in which DNC Vice President Donna Brazile wills serve as interim.

Democrats are in turmoil, and are finger-pointing the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin and Russian intel on the leak. The leak was traced back to Russia. The DNC suspected its emails were compromised last month.

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