Donna Brazile to be DNC Interim…Again

Although this may be a bit inappropriate, as of Wednesday this will be true: Donna Brazile is the HNIC of the Democratic National Committee. With Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz out as DNC chair, DNC Vice President Brazile will serve as interim president over the committee.

The past weekend has been a true meltdown for democrats with the party being exposed for bias against democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and using tasteless tactics to oust him in the primaries, led by Schultz.

Schultz resigned over the weekend; Her role during the Democratic national Convention which began today in Philadelphia has been severely limited. Brazile however, came to Schultz’ defense in the wikileaks scandal:

“Debbie has spent a lot of time and effort in pulling together this convention[…] She deserves an opportunity to gavel us in, turn over to the permanent chair and she deserves an opportunity, I think, to also close us out.”- Donna Brazile to ABC’s Good Morning America

Brazile went on to say that against Sanders, Clinton won the nomination “fair and square” and spoke briefly on Russian intelligence being behind the Wikileaks email hack, being uncertain if they were linked to the scandal.

Brazile is no stranger to the interim chair at the DNC, previously serving for several weeks in 2011 amidst Tim Kaine (who is not Clinton’s VP candidate) run for senate and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


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