Bernie Sanders’ Speech Inspires DNC 

After the the Democratic National Convention began with a rocky start feels with heckles and jeers from Bernie Sanders supporters, his closing (and most anticipated) speech last night ignited supporters far beyond his political revolution.

The Vermont senator was greeted with a minutes-long standing ovation and cheers by the crowd. That moment alone brought tears to my eyes. The outpouring of support in the arena and abroad was monumental.

Being that I’m sort-of a die-hard Sanders supporter, I can’t help but wonder:


Or better yet, during the DNC email scandal which conspired to blackball him? I need answers!

With turmoil scathing the Democratic Party of the weekend and spilling over into the opening day at DNC, one thing is clear: Bernie Sanders’ supporters are so supportive, he can no longer control them. When he stated that he stands behind Hillary, even his supporters heckled him. Sheesh.

Regardless, Bernie still stands behind his party. Besides… An enemy (Hillary Clinton) of my enemy (Donald Trump) is my friend, right?

Catch his inspiring speech below. Take Note of the outpouring warmth he is greeted with. Well said, Senator Sanders! Feel the Bern!


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