New Music: Brizzy Bren- Saucin’

Who would’ve thought a 16-year-old would hop on a track and make a really dope record? I mean, a track so hot I have to admit, I bump it daily!

Brizzy Bren, real name Brendan is an upcoming junior in high school hailing from Atlanta who so happens to have over 1 million (yes, that’s right…MILLION) streams on soundcloud for the popular track, “Saucin”.

I came across the track when it auto-played on soundcloud. The same way I came across the now played-out “Panda” by Desiigner.

Brizzy Bren says the track came from a fresh pair of Jordan’s he copped that were so clean, he felt like he was, well… Saucy. Also, he threw in the tidbit that at the time he recorded the song, he was courting a girl who so happens to work at popular chicken franchise Bojangles. The upcoming MC is currently working on an EP.

Anyways, the song is hot and my two-year-old turns up every time I play it. Check it out on soundcloud below and be sure to keep up with the “Nawfside coolin'” 11th grader below!

SoundCloud: Brizzy Bren





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