/Remembering Dr. Sebi’s Legacy

Remembering Dr. Sebi’s Legacy

Dr. Sebi, famed holistic healer of the human body, died Saturday while in police custody. There is limited information regarding the circumstances of his death, with lack of credible sources. Few sites and social media have claimed he died in Mexico while being detained for money laundering. Until more details emerge, I’ll keep this as an open post.

DR. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman November 26, 1933 in Honduras. 

Personally, I am blown away by the news of his passing. I recently began following Dr. Sebi’s holistic health practices after I gave birth to my son in January. Although I am not all the way on his diet, the things I have cut from my eating habits he warns against have me feeling better than ever.

Dr. Sebi encourages his followers who suffer from ailments, viruses and diseases to only eat “food from God” or alkaline food. the food list is limited, with many items almost impossible to find in the United States. 

Many of his past patients and followers of his alkaline diet have praised his advice, claiming to be healthy. Dr. Sebi has credited himself from healing serious life-threatening conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes to name a few.

Dr. Sebi has made quite a few enemies in the medical profession, which landed him in the New York Supreme Court in 1987. Two years prior, his Usha Research Institute placed an ad claiming he was a healer who could cure a host of ailments and terminal diseases without a license to practice medicine. He was found not guilty by the supreme court after 72 patients came forward backing him.


Long Live Dr. Sebi!