New Music: Ronnie Eriic- Love Come Down (Remix)

This Scotch Plains, New Jersey native would make Chaka Khan proud with his very own twist of her hit song, “Love Come Down”.

Ronnie Eriic, an upcoming rapper and FAMU Alum, gave this 80s classic a fast-forward to the future with a male perspective with a special lady in mind.

Eriic, whose musical influences stem back to his choir upbringing, further fueled his passion for music when he came to Tallahassee. He and three other members founded popular campus rap quartet LOTD (Leaders of the Dreamers) and he participated in various open mic nights and has opened for hip-hop acts Curren$y and Pac Div.

“I always feel everyone has a calling in this world but it’s up to that person to find it, my calling was music. I wanted to drop out of college so bad, but I had to finish for my parents. With thatin mind I kept practicing with that same passion while grinding to graduate.”

-Ronnie Eriic

After grauduating in 2014, he relocated to Atlanta where he participated in the annual A3C festival and is garnering more attention from ATLiens.

Check out the video for “Love Come Down (Remix) below and follow Ronnie Eriic on his social media links!

Twitter: @RonnieEriic

Instagram: @RonnieEriic



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