Supreme Court Ruling to Delay BREXIT for Two Years

The United Kingdom lost its fast-tracked approach to exiting to the European Union by the Supreme Court Tuesday. The court ruled 8-3 BREXIT cannot start without parliament consent Tuesday.

Emergency legislation was drafted into the constitution, hindering current Prime Minister Theresa May from making good on her promise to provide a swift, irreversible exit within two years by implementing Article 50.

The high court ruled article 50 would strip away rights the British citizens are entitled to under European law that were not included in British law.

“The government cannot trigger Article 50 without an act of Parliament authorizing that course” -David Neuberger, Supreme Court President

Although this is a set back for Prime Minister May, the Supreme Court also decided May would not need the approval of Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

Under BREXIT, Britain would close its borders from free migration of other Europeans, discontinue being a single-trade member with the EU but become a free-trade partner, EU jurisdiction in Britain will end and parliament will close all deals.

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