MONKEY MAN MEDIA is now LIVE on Apple News!

As part of expanding the MMM brand, I am happy to announce we are now LIVE on Apple News! Subscribe Here to Apple News on iOS

Thank you to all who have been following. It is greatly appreciated. Please subscribe to the channel for daily updates to the website

MONKEY MAN MEDIA was founded and incorporated by then journalism and public law student Arielle Butler in 2015. MMM was founded on one principle: to publish and share news relevant to the career millennial.

MMM originally launched as a boutique public relations firm which blogged on clients seeking exposure for business ventures and opportunities. As time passed, world events sparked an interest in Butler to do more to get news out which may not be covered by top news organizations.

Instead of digging all day for behind-the-scenes news about what the consumer should be thinking about, MMM decided to be a one-stop-source for news relevant to college students, interns, recent graduates and young professionals who are on-the-go but want to read about news that is not covered on a national scale.

To add a twist, the Arts + Entertainment section is a great source for new music and entertainment from indie artists, actors and producers who are up-and-coming, just like the young professional.

Having expertise in both public relations and journalism, MMM understands that PR professionals create the agenda, and journalists set the agenda. Journalists, whether contributing editors for larger news organizations or freelancers, all set the tone for the audience on what to think about. Monkey Man Media encourages readers to think for themselves with the unbiased stories it publishes.



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