BREXIT Process Offically Launched with Article 50

Britain has officially began the BREXIT process by Prime Minister Theresa May signing article 50, triggering the process.

May delivered a letter to European Council president Donald Tusk late Tuesday afternoon of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Now, the U.K. And 27 other members of the EU will negotiate how to untangle and in some cases, sever dealings between the two. New legislation must also be drafted to replace current laws that are applicable to the nation.

“My answer is clear, I want the United Kingdom to emerge from this period of change stronger, more united, and more outward-looking than ever. I want us to be a secure, prosperous, tolerance country, a magnet for international talent – a country that reaches beyond the borders of Europe, too”- Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain

With political parties still divided over the BREXIT vote for months, May is rallying for unity while still acknowledging there will be consequences from leaving the EU. Primarily, the large economic influence Britain had in the EU will be lost, yet May has “accepted that”.

According to the INDEPENDENT, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is not pleased with the direction the nation is taking. 

Britain is going to change as a result of leaving the European Union, the question is how. There are Conservatives who want to use Brexit to turn this country into a low-wage tax haven. Labour is determined to invest in high skill, high tech, high wage future, to rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.”- Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn also questions the real motive behind BREXIT, being unsure how it will be an asset.

“So far they seem utterly complacent about the scale of the task ahead: the government ministers can’t make up their minds about the real objective. The foreign secretary said in October that our policy is having our cake and eating it – how opposite. Today the Chancellor said the Government can’t have its cake and eat it – perhaps they should get together and talk about it.” -Jeremy Corbyn

More leaders have spoken out against BREXIT and it’s uncertainty as well as high-risk it poses to the economy, like Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

“Theresa May has chosen the hardest and most divisive form of Brexit, choosing to take us out of the Single Market before she has even tried to negotiate. Membership of the Single Market was not on the ballot paper last June, yet without a mandate she has chosen to rip Britain, our businesses and our people out of the world’s biggest market.”-Tim Farron

Read May’s full letter to the EU here.