I’m Not Feeling SZA’s Video, “The Weekend”

ATLANTA, Ga.—There, I said it. I’m not here for the visuals. Fight me.

The video for “The Weekend” by SZA has been highly anticipated– so high many fans and critics alike developed their own treatment on how the visuals should look based on the lyrics of the song.

And all we got was what looks like deleted scenes from “Cranes in the Sky”.

Scenes of SZA dancing in parking garages, a chessboard, buildings and grungy museums was not what I was thinking I would see. Especially alone.

The video, directed by Solange, lacks a concept to the focal point of the song: My man is my man, is YOUR man, heard that’s her man too.

This LOOKS like it was Solange’s idea.

With “The Weekend” challenge going viral on social media all summer and fall 2017 and the single going platinum, the video has everyone saying, “WTF is this?”

And I’m not the only one. On Twitter, many expressed the same frustrations:

This song helped SZA snag the “Best R &B performance” Grammy nomination along with 4 others including best new artist and album for “Ctrl.”. This may be why I’m a bit upset with how lackluster the video is.

SZA, I know you have great artists and other creatives in the entertainment industry giving you advice and direction, but sometimes you have to say NO.

See Video below:


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One Thought to “I’m Not Feeling SZA’s Video, “The Weekend””

  1. Chamieka

    I agree! Very disappointed! She could have done so much more with this video. There’s no creativity here! It’s a no from me!

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