Bruno Mars and Cardi B Relive “In Living Color” For ‘Finesse’ Remix

Bruno Mars and Cardi B are “Drippin’ and Finessin” into the new year with new video lying homage to Mars’ favorite TV show, “In Living Color”.

Why did these two Grammy-nominated artists take us back the 90s like this?!

“Finesse” is a track from Bruno Mars’ 24KMagic album and the remix features hip-hop’s newest leading Lady, Cardi B.

The visuals included COLOR. COLOR. COLOR. and stripes. And oversized everything. From the earrings to the overalls. It gave me all sorts of Cross Colours feels.

Shoutout to whoever the continuity/ wardrobe director was for this video. You are appreciated. All that was missing from the set were the Wayans family!

Check out Bruno + Cardi bust out your favorite 90s dance moves below:


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