H&M is The Latest Retailer to F*ck Up The Black Dollar

Another day, Another racially insensitive ad published by a major retailer.

After social media backlash, Swedish retailer H&M removed the photo of a dark-skinned Black boy modeling a green hoodie with the slogan, “Coolest Monkey on the Planet”. However, the hoodie is still for sale on H&M’s UK website.

While similar hoodies featured similar slogans such as “Survival Expert” were modeled on White children, why did the most melanated child have to sport a slogan that is deemed a racial slur to the culture?

H&M spokesperson Anna Erikkson apologized on behalf of the company but a simple “my bad” isn’t cutting it.

“This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended.” -Anna Erikkson, H&M Spokesperson



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