Bruno Mars and Cardi B Relive “In Living Color” For ‘Finesse’ Remix

Bruno Mars and Cardi B are “Drippin’ and Finessin” into the new year with new video lying homage to Mars’ favorite TV show, “In Living Color


I’m Not Feeling SZA’s Video, “The Weekend”

ATLANTA, Ga.—There, I said it. I’m not here for the visuals. Fight me. The video for “The Weekend” by SZA has been highly anticipated– so high many fans and critics alike developed their own treatment on how the visuals should look based on the lyrics of the song. And all we got was what looks like deleted scenes from “Cranes in the Sky”. Scenes of SZA dancing in parking garages, a chessboard, buildings and grungy museums was not what I was thinking I would see. Especially alone. The video, directed…