So the Government Shut Down. Expect To Get Your Tax Return Refund Late(r)

With the IRS accepting tax returns on January 29th, the latest in history, taxpayers are frantic about how the government shutdown will affect their returns and refunds.


Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to Supreme Court 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–April 7, 2017–Trump-appointed Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has been officially confirmed by the Senate as Supreme Court Justice in a 54-45 vote. Gorsuch will fill the 14-month-vacancy seat previously held by Justice Antonio Scalia due to his death in February 2016. Former President Obama attempted to fill the seat with Merrick Garland but was blocked by republicans last year.  Democrats held a filibuster which was blocked by republicans just 24-hours prior by invoking a nuclear option. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignited a simple majority vote, which ultimately…