Young Nudy Talks Slaughter Gang, Tours, Pi’erre Bourne and Jaw Sessions With Hot 95 Radio

​​Rising Atlanta rapper Young Nudy arrived at Hot 95 radio wearing a camouflage Fendi shirt, bedazzled “21” and “PDE” necklaces, and an entourage when he made one thing clear: “When you think of Zone 6 you need to think about Young Nudy.”   Young Nudy, soon after enjoying a few wings from the Bay Street Bar and Grill below the station and a smoke break, sat down with Arielle St. Aidan, Yuall The Plugg and DJ HIRIHANNA on Plugg Talk Radio Show on Hot 95 Radio while in Jacksonville, Florida…

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It Is Now A Crime To Board Plane With Galaxy S7 Device

The United States issued a emergency restriction/prohibition order banning the faulty and potential life-threatening smartphone from all aircraft last Friday. Somewhere out there, iPhone and even Nokia users are laughing in unison.  Samsung has reportedly suffered a 17-billion-dollar loss in the explosive phones and has officially stopped production. Even the S7’s that were replaced during recalled have been deemed fatal. Samsung is expected to release a in-depth report on why the devices are exploding in the coming weeks. The Federal Aviation Administration issued the order on Friday, Oct. 14, prohibiting…

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Michelle Obama for T Magazine

To the First Lady, With Love Four thank-you notes to Michelle Obama, who has spent the past eightyears quietly and confidently changing the course of American history. Written by By Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Gloria Steinem, Jon Meacham & Rashida Jones  Read Full dedication to the First Lady at T Magazine by New York Times

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FBI Director Doesn’t Think Police Are Killing Black Men at Epidemic Rate

How, sway? HOW! Via FOX News Published 10/17/2016 FBI Director, James Comey spoke to thousands of police officials on Sunday saying the lack of data is leading people to believe that “biased police are killing black men at epidemic rates”. Comey made his comments at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, acknowledging that videos of fatal police encounters are helping feed the frenzy that “something terrible is being done by the police”. He also said that people “actually have no idea if the number of black people…

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Clinton Campaign In ‘Panic Mode’ Over Florida Black Voters – POLITICO

Will hot sauce in her bag and doing the ‘nae nae’ be enough for Clinton to win the Black Vote in November?

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BEWARE: The True Dangers of HPV Vaccinations


“I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn’t help but question why we need the vaccine at all.”– Joan Robinson

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What You Missed While Not Watching the First 2016 Presidential Debate — TIME

0 minutes. This is what you get America. No one is exactly sure why. But it happened: Nine percent of the U.S. population cast ballots for the two major-party nominees. Now only a third of voters describe either as honest and trustworthy. Democracy is strange and unpredictable in exactly the way NBC anchor Lester Holt… via What You Missed While Not Watching the First 2016 Presidential Debate — TIME

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