Sessions Calls Notion He Colluded With Russia ‘Detestable Lie’ [REUTERS]

WASHINGTON (REUTERS)– U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday denounced as “an appalling and detestable lie” the idea he colluded with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign but refused to answer a series of questions during a high-stakes Senate hearing.  Sessions, a senior member of Republican President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and an adviser to his presidential campaign, faced criticism from Democratic senators for declining to answer their questions relating to conversations he had with Trump.   Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich accused Sessions of violating his vow to tell the…

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Will the U.S. Government Go Into Default? 

The Trump Administration’s proposed $4.1 trillion budget has lawmakers scrambling to raise the debt ceiling with major cuts to discretionary funding. Will the United States go into default for the first time ever?

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Over 55,000 Haitians in Danger of Facing Deportation From US

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-May 4, 2017- The deadline to extend the Temporary Protected Status program, or a program temporalily granting refugees asylum from their home country, is in a few weeks. It’s up to the Trump administration to extend it. Over 55,000 refugees from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti face possible deportation when the TPS expires July 22. TPS, created in 1990, offers temporary immigration in the United States under the following circumstances: Ongoing armed conflict (such as civil war) An environmental disaster (such as earthquake or hurricane), or an epidemic Other…

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New Overtime Bill Passed by House to Affect Working Class

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-May 3,2017- New bill H.R. 1180, or Working Families Flexibility Act 2017-2018, proposes working class earn compensation for paid time off instead of being paid time and a half for overtime. The bill, presented by Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) and 17 other co-sponsors, is backed by the Trump Administration and was passed yesterday in a 229-197 vote, with no democrat in favor and 4 representatives not voting at all.  H.R. 1180- Working Families Flexibility Act H.R. 1180 amends the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to give private-sector employees the…

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Lawmakers Revisiting Requiring Those on Medicaid To Work [Associated Press]

WASHINGTON (AP) — A simple question — should adults who are able to work be required to do so to get taxpayer-provided health insurance? — could lead to major changes in the social safety net. The federal-state Medicaid program for low-income and disabled people covers more than 70 million U.S. residents — about 1 in 5 — including an increasing number of working-age adults. In a break from past federal policy, the Health and Human Services Department under Secretary Tom Price has already notified governors it stands ready to approve…

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US Ban Electronic Devices From 9 Muslim Countries

The Trump administration has banned all electronic devices larger than a mobile phone from carry-on luggage from 8 countries. In an effort to fight terrorism, the ban is recommended by administration to due “innovative methods” of terrorists from middle-eastern countries to cause turmoil in the US. Tablets, game devices, laptops, e-readers cameras and portable DVD players are among devices now prohibited from flights. Medical devices are exempt from this rule. The countries affected are Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The US issued a…

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Trump Adviser Spoke with Russian Ambassador Five Months Before the Election [THE INDEPENDENT]

Andrew Buncombe New York A former adviser to Donald Trump has told The Independent he met with the Russian ambassador to the US five months before the election to discuss how Moscow and Washington could work together to tackle Islamist extremism if the New York tycoon became President. The adviser, Jeffrey “JD” Gordon, said he spoke to Sergey Kislyak at the Republican National Convention in July about Mr Trump’s desire to reset the strategic relationship. He said he knew the Republican nominee was interested in whether the US military might work with Russia to combat Isis…

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Supreme Court Tosses Transgender Bathroom Case

WASHINGTON (AP) —The Supreme Court is returning a transgender teen’s case to a lower court without reaching a decision. The justices said Monday they have opted not to decide whether federal anti-discrimination law gives high school senior Gavin Grimm the right to use the boys’ bathroom in his Virginia school. The case had been scheduled for argument in late March. Instead, a lower court in Virginia will be tasked with evaluating the federal law known as title IX and the extent to which it applies to transgender students.

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Who is Russia’s US ambassador Sergei Kislyak? [POLITICO]

Two senior Republicans – Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former national security adviser Michael Flynn – have found themselves in hot water over contacts with Russia’s US ambassador Sergei Kislyak. But who is he? A career diplomat whose service in Washington began during the Cold War, Mr Kislyak is an established figure on the diplomatic circuit known for courteously but doggedly pushing Russia’s position at lunches and policy forums. The furore is more over what Mr Flynn and Mr Sessions have said – or not said – about their discussions…

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